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Our speakers are Jordyn Rapana, Paula Fakalata, Ben MacGregor and Johanna Vannathy.  Once again Tom Field and the EC Band are back to lead us in powerful times of worship and response. We also have several artists joining us to engage the crowd.  



Johanna is our very own Central Easter Camp director. She absolutely loves young people and is crazy passionate about Jesus! She spent twelve years as a youth pastor in Cannons Creek, Porirua, where she developed a thriving youth community. Johanna then went on to run events for El Rancho and to become the Wellington BYM consultant (where she runs more events and looks after youth pastors!).  

Johanna clearly enjoys events but is also into body-boarding, a good laugh and chilling with her childhood-sweetheart-husband, Bok and their three children.


She carries the heart of Easter Camp and is hard-out about seeing youth ministries living-it-up in Jesus. Come and say hi to her! 

Jordyn Rapana.png


Jordyn is a visionary and creative communicator who is passionate about Āotearoa and all the people who find their home here. She is a total fan-girl of a great story and an enthusiastic storyteller. 


Jordyn loves hanging out with her husband and is a besotted Mum of a three-year-old mini-human. She is the kind of gal that finds pure satisfaction in a funky thrift find. She is also a daydreamer, an optimist, a lover of music and creative expressions of worship.

Paula Fakalata.png


A phenomenal communicator with a background of working in correctional facilities and alternative education, Paula has been able to craft and deliver messages of hope in the most creative, powerful and humorous way for many years.


His passion to see young people become the best that they can be in and amongst adversity is what makes Paula a great communicator and leader.

Ben photo.jpg


Ben is a well-loved communicator at Southern easter Camp and joined us at our EC watch Party last year.  He has a great sense of humour, is crazy about young people and has the most passionate heart for Jesus! He's the young persons pastor at Grace Vineyard in Christchurch and loves all types of running, especially Maccas runs.  Ben's expecting his first baby this year and can't wait to be a dad!  He's super pumped to be with us and is so excited for all Jesus is going to do!


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